Commercial refrigerator weather strip

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You will need to do one of two things: Other signs it may be time to change the gasket, include: If you see either of those things, you probably need a new gasket because the cold air is making the water in the warm air condense. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. You want them to be snug. With cold equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, and walk-insthe gasket is rubber and lines the entire door to keep cold air in and outside air out. It was in simple terms, easily understood and easy to follow.

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The reason this matters is because a bad or worn seal will allow cold air to leave the refrigerator, and warm air to enter it.

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Replacement Refrigeration Gaskets

There is no possibility to bring dried out rubbers back in the original flexible condition, drying out is an irreversible process. Fridge door and drawer seals get soiled from contact with hands while opening and closing. Thanks for the info. Restaurant Dinnerware Shop All. Because the equipment is running more, your energy bill goes up. Finally, take note whether the gasket is magnetic or not.

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commercial refrigerator weather strip
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commercial refrigerator weather strip
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