Dwarf midget and miniature cats

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The ethics of their selective breeding is hotly debated, and many countries prohibit it as cruelty to animals. When dwarf cats are encountered, X-rays, body scans and blood tests can be used to look for skeletal effects, internal abnormalities and abnormal hormone levels respectively. His owner had already contacted the Guinness Book Of World Records, but may be disappointed - many undersized kittens lag weeks behind normal kittens in growth and turn into near-normal adults. Karen Boruff's breeding programme is under local veterinary supervision and is at a very early stage - 2 generations, compared to 5 generations in the Toyland Persians - so there is far less data available. In owned cats, a vet can deliver kittens by caesarian and an owner can help feed them using kitten formula milk.

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In animals this form of dwarfism ranges from mildly disabling to crippling or lethal stillborn.

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Adorable Dwarf Cat and Teacup Breeds

Given a good diet, the black and white blind kitten thrived and grew normally while the grey and white remained small and seems to be mentally slow. Breeding miniature cats is, therefore, far from an exact science. They enjoy the company of humans and other pets in the household. The modern trend for miniature cats means that less scrupulous breeders charge high prices for runty or under-sized cats and some "breeding programmes" are little more than kitten mills. Unlike the apparently healthy Munchkins, "Tellie" suffers a number of health problems, some linked to his condition and others possibly due to inbreeding and birthing problems. She was also solidly built and hefty for her size. In animals this form of dwarfism ranges from mildly disabling to crippling or lethal stillborn.

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dwarf midget and miniature cats
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dwarf midget and miniature cats
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