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She realized that the call had been fraudulent. Ogborn was called into assistant manager Donna Summers' cramped office and told that Summers was on the telephone with a police officer. And in this case they had an excuse to do it. We are not your personal army, nor are we interested in your ideology. Then the caller demanded that Summers have Ogborn remove her clothes — even her underwear — leaving her with just a small, dirty apron to cover her naked body. Over 70 such occurrences were reported in 30 U.

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Her whole existence is B.

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Strip search phone call scam

Retrieved 3 July Ordered to strip completely in front of male coworker, her black apron is cast aside and placed atop her shoes. I want to bring up the point of her interview. Such a matter is serious enough that even if you are beyond stupid, beyond being a dumbass that they would stop to think and realize other options. Whoever this manager was is utterly stupid if she thinks anyone believes that she thought she was doing the right thing. According to assistant manager Donna Summers, the caller identified himself as a policeman, "Officer Scott.

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