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The concepts of "boring and stroking" and "beefing up the compression ratios by shaving the heads" really only apply to old cast iron block automotive engines, unless you've got LOTS of money to burn in expirimentation. The cheapest way to pick up HP on an outboard is to shave the heads to boost compression. I posted a link to a formula table early on. Why not on a Verado. Guy's I appreciate the great info. You don't have a lot of extra money to be rebuilding this thing on a regular basis, so keeping the rpm's in the right range will maximize your speed as well as help the engine live a long time.

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I would have to side with CS on this.

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I have built and modified many 2 stroke engines over the years mostly on motorcycles and there are several ways to get power from reducing the crankcase volumes to improve transfer pressure to altering ports size and timing to get more power changing reed cases helps a lot but exhaust flow is critical so many of the previous posts covered these my one point is that I never had to swim back when I went too far in engine mods. If you're still having problems resetting your password, contact us. Cutting heads and increasing compression to top pump gas compression at sea level increases the bottom end torque 2 fold as well as the mid range. I may have a set. Results 16 to 30 of Here's another example for OMC products:

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outboard shaved head
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outboard shaved head
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