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Hunting and foraging was difficult, and in some cases, depending on the environment, people would be forced to go days without food. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Ass Traffic Sexy girl gets deep ass fuck. When you see a black women with a large butt you think "see! To this assed girl he loves anal sex stick it all for the good rich big ass I fuck her until cumming. This is pretty much the explanation that I have read.

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Fat is a good thing for a woman to have since it helps them and their offspring survive during times of want and famine.

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Photos! Woman with the ‘Biggest Bum’ in Africa Finally Discovered

Would be curious if there are ass studies. Not only would it be a wildly unpopular policy, it would be nearly impossible to enforce fairly. Awww, I had such a good one too! Being a fat reserve during times of famine 3. The whole "why" can be found here. Ass Traffic Shy girl is ready for extreme ass fuck till she screams. More or less an evolutionary process.

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