Erotica regressive behavior in adults

Patients with opioid intoxication can be psychomotorically agitated or retarded, have slurred speech, or have impairments in memory and cognition. Ernst Kris supplements Freud's general formulations with a specific notion of "regression in the service of the ego" Find articles by Randon Welton. This page was last edited on 15 Mayat Many psychoanalysts have observed that behaviors associated with regression are correlated with the psychological stage at which the person is fixated. The pleasure obtained from the action leads to a sleep or motor reaction, which is claimed by Freud to be the same as in the nature of orgasm in the adults.

It was first thought of as resulting from a child having prematurely seen a sexual intercourse between a male and a female with a sadistic impression.

Recognizing and Managing Erotic and Eroticized Transferences

Freud later asserts that the sadomasochism arises from the regression to the anal phase of the infantile sexuality where both active sadistic and passive masochistic form can be exhibited. Laing, The Politics of Experience Middlesex p. Environments that lack structure promote regression in patients with borderline personality disorder. Although there are no evidence-based studies on how to evaluate patients with regressive behaviors, the differential diagnosis for regression is broad, and it should guide the evaluation of its potential etiologies. Ann N Y Acad Sci.

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