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Starting around the turn of this century with just a handful of groups, Naked Yoga has burgeoned into a major trend as practitioners realize the added benefits of yoga unencumbered by clothes. For the first time in my life, I was at GNI ready to face several hundreds naked men. This annual GNI gathering is the definitive event for gay naturists. This is, in some ways, a follow-up of the article we wrote for the July Informer about Autumn Farm and how we got to experience GNI. We did the full nine days and found the whole experience a totally relaxing and enjoyable time.

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There was plenty of foot and car traffic, and most pedestrians paused, took a look, asked what was going on, took another look, and moved on with an "only in New York" expression.

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The Gay Naturist E-former: March 2012

Being naked outdoor in a picturesque environment enhanced my appreciation of the wonderful world we were living in. Sometimes I danced on a platform with colorful lasers dashing across my body, fulfilling my fantasy as a go-go boy. This annual GNI gathering is the definitive event for gay naturists. Joe email: There goes the diet!

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gni nudist group
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