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Anal sex is still penetration by the penis, and therefore, is considered a loss of virginity. You obviously are afraid of certain sexual ideas and probably enjoy very basic boring sex. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. That's actually a really good question. If you can't make a baby by doing it then it's not.

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Physically no, I don't think that you lost your virginity, but spiritually I believe that you did.

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Then it is not just intercourse, but only intercourse that involves the vagina. The blood vessels are just below the surface of the skin, thus it doesn't take much for bacteria to cross the boundary. What would they be labelled like? Oral sex does count. I will never understand why some people don't think oral sex isn't sex. Guest over a year ago I wonder what homosexual males think about the idea they will never lose their virginity.

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is anal sex losing virginity
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is anal sex losing virginity
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