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The first routine will look pretty standard to gym veterans. As your strength increases, increase the weight of the dumbbells to strip extra fat and give yourself measurable progression. Latest posts by Femniqe Editorial see all. Want a washboard stomach and rippling abs? Gone are the days of ladies thinking that lifting weights means they will get big, bulky, and masculine figures and so it is now a common occurrence to see women in the free weights section, lifting to lose weight and get healthy! Anybody can look good in a well-fitted suit and some great kicks.

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The only thing you need now to make this completely successful is to eat healthy and stay consistent.

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32 Full Body Workouts That Will Strip Belly Fat & Sculpt Your Whole Body!

You can do it as long as you put your mind and soul into it. Increasing the reps and pushing yourself each time gives you a great benchmark of success that is easily measurable. Perfect for working the middle back, as well as the biceps, lats and shoulders, this exercise is fantastic for burning fat and building lean muscle. The pull up also engages your core muscles giving your abs a workout and stripping fat from the belly, so this move is perfect for those looking to lose some weight and tone up their upper body! Push yourself to the point where you feel you could have done only one more rep which will stimulate muscle growth and drive you into the fat burning zone. This move strips away fat from the legs, builds lean muscle and yes, gives you that peachy pert bum that many strive to attain.

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sexy hot full body workouts females
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sexy hot full body workouts females
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