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So, my final word on this subject is this. Also, the lectures and sessions feel different in the basement, not as severe or stern as they do in the bedroom. Let me list a few examples: The husband has to use his best judgment on being fair and neither too lax nor too hard. And yes divorce has been discussed many times by both them but he is trying to save the marriage and do what is right. You sure would't want to interrupt the fun as it peaks. She will soon believe and rightly so, that she can manipulate her husband and get out of her accountability.

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If she does, without stopping or slowing down, I increase the force of the spanks while informing her that stopping is my decision and that her defiance will make me now spank harder as well as longer.

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Does the Bible allow a husband to spank his wife?

While I am not a servant in my house, I am to be submissive to my husband like a servant. I would encourage these Christian women to renew their minds according to the Word of God. So I started saying good night to God once I climbed in bed, or sometimes even when I was getting ready to lay down. However, the Bible makes it clear in passages like Ephesians 5: I bought a wooden dowel, and that was my last spanking so far. This spiritual washing by Christ of the spots and wrinkles of his Church is discipline. Obviously, they should not cause serious injury, but they might cause anything from a red bottom to some bruising which lasts up to a week.

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christian husband spank
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christian husband spank
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