Fonzie fucked joannie

Seconds, or maybe minutes, hours later, Fonzie rolls off of Richie, peels off the condom, and tosses it in the waste basket beside the bed. Fonzie loves motorcycles, the smell of motorcycle grease on a hot summer day, and chicks. Richie's skin is flushed, his eyes shimmering, and his lips are parted, his mouth open and ready to be plundered. He loves the way his motorcycle responds, thrumming, like a lover, to his touch - rousing herself when he flicks his wrist to rev the engine. What was that phrase they used in the show?

When Richie's back suddenly arches violently off the bed, and the boy starts to make a guttural keening sound that Fonzie has wrought from women he's had sex with before, he almost pulls his fingers free, thinking he's done something wrong.

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Sparks, metaphorical, fly when they touch. Fonzie tucks the boy's head beneath his chin, and holds Richie close. Cunningham is fucking Fonzie in front of her kids and husband. Very sad- That was a cool TV show! Marion went weak at the knees and collapsed on the floor, her legs spread in front of herher bushy cunt wide open the hair covered in cunt cream and the lips large and red as more and more cum poured out of her neglected love hole.

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  1. how the fuck did the japanese reproduce if their men act like five year olds,

  2. I love her nice hairy snatch!!!!(I've always thought she looked like Claudia Valentine)