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His damp brown hair draped over the side of his face as he gave a blissful smile. Alex obediently and reluctantly tucked his cock back into his shorts and nodded. Turning the corner, Alex was met with a utterly defeating and mortifying sight: At that moment he felt a large spurt of piss escaped from him. Besides, this is YOUR fault for not going before this. He saw a sign that read the male bathroom symbol on it and and arrow pointing around a corner.

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He ran onto a small area behind a trashcan covered by some small planted trees in a some wood chips and dirt.

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Male Piss Desperation and wetting –Desperate to Pee

Alex looked behind him and saw Jake holding a red water balloon in his hand. I wonder what his punishment was for failing to obey? I had to pee so badly that I leaked a bit before I could even get the recording started, but I managed to last a couple more minutes. Thanks for the support, anon. Alex glanced over his shoulder still holding onto his pissing dick with both hands; his face still flushed with relief and slight embarrassment. What was even more pleasing is that he knew that no matter what Alex would listen to what he to him to do whether he gave him permission to piss or not.

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men desperate to pee
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men desperate to pee
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