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Chehabi notes that the fading of the 19th century saw the decline of the status of the traditional zurkhaneh and the rise of undesirable elements such as protection racke- teers and thugs began to degrade the more noble notions of wrestlers A similar process can be seen in the Jujitsu dojos of Japan, prior to Kano developing Judo. Submission Wrestling By Real rods Physical prowess and cultural expression. The idealized wrestler may be seen as paragon of positive virtues. While no objection was made to the presence of my UN colleague, it may be that being foreign and in the company of males meant allowances were made. The Pugilistic Point of View:

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He is currently a teacher of English in Poland and a regular contributor to a teaching Wres- tling with Manhood:

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I shall now examine events at a wrestling tournament which I attended in whilst on fieldwork, following which I shall analyze some of the displays of masculinity with re- gards to those aspects we have examined above. This style of dancing is synonymous with a particular form of Greek masculinity, that of the mangas or rebetis, traditionally seen in the light of a social outlaw and the epitome of defiant, anti-social aggressive and individ- ualistic masculinity. However, to an onlooker who might not un- derstand this, it projects the dangerous masculinity of the group. Similarly, Brit- ish colleagues often admitted feeling uncomfortable at seeing my fieldwork photographs of the wrestlers, particularly of boys in the gym. The male, as we have seen, is often considered the begetter in pre-testtube society! It is obvious, however, that fe- male participation in Pelivan wrestling at any level is slight, if at all.

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naked male polish wrestlers
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naked male polish wrestlers
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