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I took a long shower as I considered what had happened and the thought of it had me so worked up, I had to pleasure myself again before I climbed out -- again fingering myself as the warm water jet teased my clitoris and sensitive folds of cunt flesh. In my wildest dreams, I would never have imagined my parents acting so Of course, the story is fictional -- all characters are simply the product of my over stimulated imagination and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is a coincidence. A Proper Scottish Wife Ch. Rebellion Troubles continue, spies are uncovered, and the males return. Lisa and Maddie Pt. The Exchange Student Ch.

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After years of spying on each other, we make contact!

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I was still mad about moving and just wanted to go sulk in private. It suddenly occurred to me what a hunk Daddy was. Even with my back turned, I could feel my parents' eyes crawling all over my partially covered body. I finally settled on a low cut T-shirt that I had truthfully outgrown. Mom looked like she could barely get her hand around it. I fell asleep that way, fingers still in my throbbing cunt, imagining my parents touching and caressing me -- letting me join them in their naughty games. No big party -- just an embarrassing moment when the waitresses of a restaurant presented me with ice cream and a brownie with a candle stuck in it and sang me "Happy Birthday," in front of a laughing crowd.

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spying on daughter erotica
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