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Corruption even shows her as a woman at the start of the game. The song cuts when the troopers remove their helmets, revealing that they are all women. I looked around groggily, outraged by the light streaming in through my window. As of Revelations 2it turns out the fans were right all along; Alex Wesker is female! Does this look like shingles, scabies, both, or neither? You know what's not fair is us men don't get much chance to let our tackle swing free in the breeze and blame it on our wardrobe.

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But days stretched into weeks stretched into months, and his fondness for me never took a turn for the sexual.

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Samus Is a Girl

Toward the beginning of my Grape career Mike and I dirty-danced at a party, his knee wedged deep between my legs, a fact he seemed not to remember at the next staff meeting. I got so comfortable waiting there i put my hand down behind my pants and was itching my asshole. Finally, from behind, I saw my friend Joey. For an example, look at every other girl in that photograph. It's a totally new sensation!

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  1. name her Aletta Tide or Brigitte Ocean...because she looks like Aletta Ocean's apprentice/sister