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Max Bergman - Touch of Death In the present, Noah tries to track down Hiro with the help of Molly Walker so he can return Noah to his own time. By " The Hard Part ", Hiro has improved his skill in teleportation, as he uses it twice without traveling any discernible distance through time. Hiro, determined to preserve the time line, decides to remain in feudal Japan until Kensei defeats White Beard and saves Japan. Hiro managed to perform this task, but it took him two tries to get it right as he said the first time took him ten minutes too late.

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Hiro Nakamura

Hiro immediately teleports himself, Mohinder and Ando away to Noah Bennet's apartment, getting away seconds before the dogs and orderlies find the spot the three had been hiding in. Hiro manages to climb up back to the balcony, he then seeks the help of his younger self to obtain the formula from his father. Tommy later rescues Noah from being killed and shows him how seven years in the past, Angela Petrelli determined that the only way for Tommy and Malina to save the world was to have a human conduit for their powers. Hiro travels to the future to validate his father's claim, where he sees Tokyo destroyed by some undefined cataclysm. Hiro teleports them both out of the building to escape the other security guards, but they find themselves on top of the Deveaux buildingin a post-apocalyptic New York five years after the explosion. He says, "Every once in awhile, this power backfires. Shortly afterwards, Harris bombs the summit and Hiro and Noah stare at the rising smoke cloud in the distance in horror.

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