Sperm going through clothing

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After that she missed her period for 3 months and we took a home pregnancy test and I was shocked when she told me the test was faint positive. It appeared around minutes after she left it for bowel reasons but the reaction time given is 3 minutes. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or immediately. But realistically, considering you know all the technical information about semen and sperm. What rort of chaoce would there be she could get pregnant?

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It is effectively impossible to get pregnant by dry-humping because the conditions that would have to be met for sperm to pass through multiple layers of clothes, survive on skin, find the vaginal opening, survive in the vaginal environment and finally impregnate an egg are simply unrealistic.

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I eventually ejaculated while she was sitting on me we are both sitting at that time and my jeans got wet. However, this is exceptionally unlikely. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can sperm goes through clothing? But 2 days ago we experimented abit and she was naked and i was in just underwear and we had what may be called dry sex and i ejaculated and were worried she may get pregnant. Of course this also implies that the timing must be right when an egg is actually present at the right time for pregnancy to occur.

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sperm going through clothing
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sperm going through clothing
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