What is the meaning of the word fuck

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In conversation or writing, reference to or use of the word fuck may be replaced by any of many alternative words or phrases, including "the F-word" or "the F-bomb" a play on " A-bomb " and " H-bomb "or simply, eff or f as in "What the eff" or "You effing fool", "What the F" or "You f'ing fool". Meaning fornication at consent of the king and changing to fuck later down the road. Kate Wiles February 19, at 9: As a noun, it dates from s. Did the late Mets catcher invent the phrase?

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Go away, get out of here, as in Fuck off or I'll call the police.

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On the Origin of Fuck

John May 8, at 4: Campbell February 12, at There may be a kinship with the Latin futuere futuoa verb with almost exactly the same meaning as the English verb "to fuck". Richard Kosta Papaconstantinou February 13, at 4: An Analytic Dictionary of the English Etymology.

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what is the meaning of the word fuck
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what is the meaning of the word fuck
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