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I have to say that the best actress of the picture was Debbie Lewis in her small, but pivotal role as Girl in Shower. The Original Debbie Does Dallas is far more of a movie than the modern versions, which like many of today's pornos are essentially a gallery of sex scenes strung together with a semblance of a plot. It would be the best format to own it in, the scene selection is good and has a cute guitar break over it: Overall, Debbie Does Dallas is fun to watch and as long as you don't go in expecting a masterpiece, you'll be OK. The girls are not as attractive as those found in another adult film of the time, Little Girls Blue, they are much more attractive than those found in Devil in Miss Jones. Well, doesn't make sense.

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The thing that sets Debbie Does Dallas apart from other porn films is the fact that the central girls are schoolgirls, and this is something that director Jim Clark is keen to impose as much as possible.

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Ah, I suppose it's not important. This soon becomes an excuse for Debbie and her friend to take their clothes off who'd have thought it? Scored in a germane fashion - corny and strangely relaxing - by the likes of Gerald Sampler and assisted by the wonderfully charming likes of Woods, it's easy to understand why Debbie Does Dallas is the iconic film it is. What does one say about a film of such breathtaking beauty and atonishing artistry. The script might get an occasional chuckle out of you but there are tons of adult films out there more worth one's while. You're likely aware of cheap parodies of pornographic films from decades past that utilize lines such as "how could I ever repay you?

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debbie does dallas getting fucked
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debbie does dallas getting fucked
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