Is masterbating a sin

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May God be with you forever and ever. Keeping a Prayer Journal: He is addressing lust not fantasy. The NIV's is an unfortunate translation because the word epithumeo appearing in the verse is a verb to lust not an adverb lustfully. So are we honoring God with our hearts and our bodies by masturbating? It is the planning of foolishness that is sin, not the mere thought of it. Some eight months later, I was in a situation where worldly women were paying me a lot of attention and I became sexually aroused.

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By this we could justify killing someone because we had the temptation to do so or maybe you rape someone just because you had that temptation.

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Is Masturbation A Sin? A Biblical Study

Paul never condemned them for lacking self control, but just gave them an escape out of it. Take the safe road and abstain is my advice. I mean how could it not be a sin? The problem is that we want relief, and sin is the way. I have been sexually immoral in my ways for a long time, but several months back I am afraid I may have committed the unforgivable sin. It saddens me and scares me that since I struggle with this I may not truly have His spirit. I've already lost a fallopian tube and can't see myself ever having kids because I am too tired with medical issues, so what is the big deal so long as you don't become a slave to it?

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is masterbating a sin
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is masterbating a sin
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