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When a dog is brought into the clinic for this surgery they are placed under general anaesthetic. My guess is that there isn't really a consensus about this in the dog-loving community, and possibly even among vets and FWIW, I've gotten some seriously stupid advice from well-meaning dog lovers. My dog has had anal gland problems in the past. Make sure the necks are RAW--cooked chicken bones are dangerous. What exactly are anal glands? Pet library topic s: For my long haired dogs, brushing their tail triggers the glands to dump after a few minutes.

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How can I introduce a high fibre diet into her life?

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Anal Glands (Anal Sacs) - including Anal Sacculectomy

How to Choose a Bird Breed. The secretion that comes from these glands is very smelly, often brown in colour and is about the consistency of water or oil. Is this something we could try? It looks pretty simple to do. Sometimes its productive, other times, not. Responsible Pet Ownership for Kids.

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vet expressing anal gland necessary
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vet expressing anal gland necessary
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