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Metformin is a medication that helps to lower insulin levels. Generally, symptoms of PCOS begin during the teenage years around the start of menstruation and can be mild or severe. What is an Autoimmune Disease? Because weight gain is also common for women suffering with PCOS, eating a well balanced diet, lowering sugar intake, limiting saturated fatty foods such as meat, cheeses, and fried foods will help significantly with weight control. Excessive hair, especially on the face, can make any woman obsessive in trying to rid herself of the hair; it may even grow on the fingers and toes. The regular menstrual cycle diagram shows a normal menstrual cycle. An evaluation for PCOS is suggested for teen girls who have a least one or more of the following symptoms:.

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Skin cells and hair follicles are extremely sensitive to the slight increases in testosterone found in young women with PCOS, which contributes to excess hair growth in areas such as the upper lip, chin, sideburn area, chest, and stomach.

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Acne and Unwanted Facial Hair: Could it be PCOS?

Other endocrinologists have just …. Although there are some young women with PCOS who are either underweight or average weight, some find that they gain weight easily, so for them daily exercise is a way to be proactive about their health. Recently even celebrities are speaking out about PCOS and their own struggles with this disease. These are the same hair removal methods that many women use to keep their legs, bikini line, and underarms free of hair. Permanent or Temporary Fix?

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facial hair acne female
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facial hair acne female
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