Facial lacerations repair emedicine

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If you have a through and through laceration involving the orbicularis oris muscle, you can place absorbable suture through the muscle, ideally through the fibrous muscle sheath to ensure anchoring. I typically inspect the wound and ask myself if I think it is large enough to get food fragments lodged within the wound. Remember all the infiltration is to the subcutaneous tissue of the head, not the ear cartilage. It pays off to be prepared! Hair does not increase in the risk of wound infection and shaving such as the scalp or eyebrow should be avoided. Sometimes junior learners will ask me:

Core facial laceration management principles Cosmesis is very important to consider when deciding on closure of facial lacerations thus primary closure should be considered in all facial lacerations unless significant tissue loss or swelling is present.

Quick Guide To Minor Facial Trauma: Part 2

You can read Part I of this series here. Emergency Care and Closure. Deep wounds or those in question should have imaging to rule out retained tooth fragments. These sutures are simply not as strong as nylon or any comparable synthetic non-absorbable suture and thus have a higher risk of dehiscence. The tongue heals rapidly and most simple, small lacerations will heal well on their own. These lacerations are particularly known for causing significant cosmetic deformity, so meticulous repair should be undertaken with a low threshold to consult a specialist for repair.

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