Involuntary orgasm from prostrate

Didn't do it on myself, person I was with wanted to try it out on me. I've been tied down and had my cock stimulated orally and with a hitachi wand vibrator I scream like someone lifting a Buick over their head. THAT is a catch, also: Maybe I have a past trauma with my balls getting crushed or eaten alive, dunno. Involuntarily and explosively and horrifically. I, personally, took a very long, slow path to learn how, but it's become easy, almost reflexive, for me to do this and holy shit it's rewarding.

So I get home and I do all the stuff.

Orgasm after radical prostatectomy.

Super orgasms do not involve ejaculate at all, which enables the possibility of multiple orgasms-something that many have wrongly assumed is a trait restricted only to certain women. I was searching of the mythical prostate orgasm I'd heard tales of. Sex is fun and pleasureable or you're doing it wrong. Verily, this vissisuage of verbage veers most verbose! I didn't try much "stroking in and out" with the anus at first felt weird about it, plus I wasn't using enough lube for it to be good but now that I've gotten used to it, I wish I had tried it earlier. We're talking an hour, maybe two of trying not to force things, sitting and waiting as the pleasure slowly builds. I've sporadically tried it again over the intervening years, but overall I chalked it up as a failed experiment.

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