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I shivered and pressed him harder, and then I felt his cock sliding up my belly, incredibly hard, hot and sensed the wetness of his pre-cum above my belly button. Then you go there and think about Mommy! I lowered my head, searching for the perfect spot to drop down -- and to drop my drawers. Swiveling my head, I saw a young man kneeling behind me. Well, for several years it worked fine for us: One night, when we were preparing to bed, we started talking about Allie, who was 11 or 12 then, how she was growing up, how her body was taking shape with the curves, her breasts and nipples starting to grow, and so on. It seemed we tried not to look at each other, afraid of the possible involuntary reaction.

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Neither have I, I drove around in our car with her Naked as a Learner, had my hand on her thigh, she was always a tease, but sadly we never fucked, I used to see between her open legs as we swam Naked of course.

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Even in an innocent and platonic way, I felt guilty about teasing him. The situation was escalating and he became even bolder: Halfway through my year of new mid-life adventures, I embarked on my most challenging experience yet. A pile of books and spiral notebooks lay next to him. My husband has wanted to go to the local nude beach ever since he found out where it was.

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