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More from the web. They've been doing it for so long and they have an ease about them and a supreme confidence and take a huge pleasure in what they do. Those who saw her in Lovely and Amazing applauded her bravado in shedding her clothes for a full-frontal nude scene, but she insists, "It wasn't sexy, it was just me being nude. Like her father, the author, playwright and barrister John Mortimer, Emily Mortimer has a delightful sense of humour and cannot be serious for too long. It's like being an alcoholic. I miss him terribly because I'm so far away.

Saturday 19 January

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Saturday 19 January He's a treat to have as a dad and always has been. They married five years ago, live in Brooklyn and have a son, Sam, whom she takes with her on her film locations. More from the web. Now with a hefty five films on the go, the year-old actress has that most English of traits, a tendency towards self-deprecation, and occasionally collapses into fits of giggles, usually when recalling a particularly embarrassing or humiliating situation involving herself. In Pink Panther 2, she returns as the hopelessly incompetent secretary Nicole, who is once again involved in a series of comic and sexually provocative scenes with Steve Martin's clueless Inspector Clouseau. Compiled by Martin Chilton.

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