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She gets changed into some gym cloths and then gets into her car and heads to her local gym. Bruce was so frustrated about his Ex-girlfriend sleeping with one of his work colleagues he started to think of ways to get his revenge. She pulls herself up and gracefully crutches into the kitchen. Once she returns home she heads straight for the bedroom and grabs her favorite toy. The next couple weeks go by and both the girls are busy. She heads off to pick up her daughter and they arrive at home about 1 hr later. But this point the swelling had already started to spread out with the outer ankle looking more engulfed and the inner ankle starting to swell.

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The two retire for the night.

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The swelling had started to reduce a little over night with the outer ankle now looking less swollen, but the bruising had remained the same. What should I do for it? Tracy then inched a shoe in front of his mouth. She places her right foot up on a pillow out in front of her and looks at her bandaged ankle while she works the vibrator slowly and precisely. She opened the door, but then stopped.

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fetish leg story
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fetish leg story
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