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After several months of therapy and continued use of estrogen and lubricants, Denise felt much better. Talking with a professional counselor or sex therapist may help. Some women experience vaginismus—involuntary clenching of vaginal muscles to prevent penetration. However, in college age men, they are frequently caused by an STD infection. Many STDS, including chlamydia, do not have visible symptoms. Many types of birth control, such as condoms and vaginal spermicides sponge and foam are useful in preventing STDS.

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Condoms and lube may alleviate the discomfort.

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Men's Sexual Health

Student Health Center clinicians can provide more detailed information. When testicular cancer is found and treated early, it is highly curable. Skip to main content. If you notice anything unusual in your urinary genital area, such as itching, burning, sores, lumps, bumps or other kinds of irritation, see a clinician about it as soon as possible. Beginning at age 15, you should examine your testicles monthly and continue the process through your 30s. Impotence may also refer to insufficient stiffness in the erect penis to allow for sexual activity. Pain in the testes can develop suddenly and is often associated with a fever and discharge from the penis.

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