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Nice thing is that she is naked and has a small thin frame with lots of eye mak-up and very cool long hair. Is this the real deal or is she covering up just a little. There was smoething called emocore. She got the name because her Eyebrows are drawn on. Her she covers up just a little she is nude accept for her panties. It seems kind of ironic that it started when most of these emo girls where born. I guess she went for the artistic thing with the black and white but I usually prefer my naked emo girls to be in color.

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I guess this is his photo that I got from amateur emo girls site. Here is a real cutie and she is taking pictures of herself in the mirror naked and posting them in black and white. Gotta love when your GF sends you nude pictures. The cool thing is that she took her sun glasses off for this picture. Is this the real deal or is she covering up just a little. Who hates college and just wants to go see live music and travel the country following her favorite band. Not sure what I think about that tat looks kinda like something for santas elfs.

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