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He can shoot a rocket from his shooooeeees As for Teen Titans Go! However, there are some clues to her past. What really makes this work is the references to Britain in general and the sheer craziness that the animators have in going balls to the wall in terms of trying to cram as many influences as possible. Note that a big motive behind Geo-Force's decision to let Terra be is that she's truly HAPPY now, and his reaction indicates that he would love the same kind of peace in his life that she has now, and thus wouldn't dare deprive her of it. This is a minor gripe:

However, when she about to leave the Titans Tower, she was not wearing this hair clip, but at the episode's end, Beast Boy throws it out to bounce on the sea like a rock.

Top 15 Best Teen Titans Episodes Ever

Among the Titans, she is closest to Beast Boy. As for why she doesn't do deadlier things with her other powers, it could be that she's actively resisting any excessive force out of fear it could fuel the evil inside her. Starfire, as she does with all her friends but particularly Terra it seemsgives Terra bone-crushing hugs. What have you got to complain about? You like waffles, dontchoo?! He explains that Starfire has a theory about Terra, that Terra's trials had transformed her, from a caterpillar, to a chrysalis, to a butterfly. Feeling exploited and worried about the safety of her loved ones due to her lack of control, Terra ran away, leading to the events of the animated series.

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