Marginal mandibular branch of facial nerve

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The marginal mandibular branch supplies the muscles of facial expression that pull and close the angle of the mouth and pulls the lower lip downward depressor labii inferioris and depressor anguli oris. Facial nerve localization in parotid surgery. Perhaps one of the most challenging situations is associated with a displaced facial nerve in large or vascular tumors. Indian J Plast Surg. Clinical observations of the anatomy and function of the marginal mandibular nerve. The marginal mandibular branch is used frequently as a guide to the main trunk of the facial nerve, but clear guidelines for locating the marginal mandibular branch are often lacking [ 8 ]. The ages of the cadavers were unknown.

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In a series of 22 fresh cadavers Savary et al.

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Marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve

In a previous study, bony anatomic landmarks were identified to assist surgeons in predicting the anterior edge of the parotid gland, thereby avoiding injury to the facial nerve branches as they exit the parotid gland. Therefore, the MMN can be predicted to lie about 3 cm from the masseteric tuberosity along the mandible. Knowledge of the masseteric tuberosity and mental midline landmarks of the facial artery can provide a reliable and safe approach to surgery of the lower face. Medially, it leaves the parotid to traverse along the superficial surface of the masseter muscle. The facial or VII cranial nerve is a mixed nerve composed of both motor and sensory branches and is responsible for the motor innervations of facial expression muscles, lachrymal secretion and partial control of the gustatory sensation [ 1 ].

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marginal mandibular branch of facial nerve

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