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That makes him, officially, Middle-earth's sexiest dwarf indeed, denizenand it's all thanks to eyes like ice chips and one of those voices that bypasses the higher parts of the brain and goes straight for the instinctive bits. If we consider TV, however, then Sherlock will be slugging it out with Harrison for the title. Jude Law As Jude Law ages slightly his handsomeness levels have shifted from blinding to merely overwhelming, and it's only helping him tackle more interesting roles and have a bit more fun in life. His reaction to the "Science Bros" meme which pairs Banner and Tony Stark in a possibly sexual relationship. If the results of this vote teach us anything, it's that voters find intelligent men hot.

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But for that web of lust and betrayal to convince, McBurney has to be believably attractive to women across a 40 year age spectrum — and Farrell really is, with a vampiric, mesmeric effect on the sheltered women.

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How To Be A Heartthrob: Work With More Women

Pattz may have burst onto the scene as dreamy vampire Edward, but he's not one to rest on pretty boy laurels. Bond, James Bond, jumping onto a train as the carriage behind him is ripped away and calmly adjusting his cuffs as he does so. Adam Levine age Robert Pattinson The once and former R. Tall, eloquent and impossibly charming, Hiddleston is so hot right now that — in this vote — he single-handedly defeated every single Avenger and the Man Of Steel for good measure. Gerard Butler Gerard Butler was back in action-mode for the first time in what felt like ages for Olympus Has Fallen earlier this year, and it reminded us all how much we like him when he's kicking ass and taking names. Have you seen him with his dog?

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