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A60 It is permissible as long as she faces, in both the pregnancy and the use of alternative contraceptive methods, such hardship and danger that cannot be normally endured. Q40 Can a Muslim do Muta with a prostitute in order to satisfy his physical needs? Btw anal sex is still haram even with the wife's permission but if it wasn't with the wife's permission wouldn't that be rape too: It is not a matter of inserting CD's through the front slot or through a exhaust port at the back, but rather a matter of knowledge. Dude, if you are inserting the CD, why not keep it simple and put it in the default slot? If it is probable —a considerable probability— that the virus may be transmitted through breast-feeding, it is necessary for her to refrain from it.

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Rather, you are a transgressing people.

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Sexual Techniques

Q9 Can a Shi'i girl marry a Sunni boy? Q52 When a woman is in her period, can she have anal intercourse? And [We had sent] Lot when he said to his people, "Do you commit such immorality as no one has preceded you with from among the worlds? In home what's the condition of my wife's hijab? So the shriek seized them at sunrise. If one partner does not like a particular position, then the other should yield to his or her feelings. Please, try to reply as soon as possible?

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